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Equities were up big time on Friday and that trend continues today at the expense of Bond** yields that continue to climb higher on the expectations of better than expected jobs data to be released (that’s right, on the expectation of an expectation) and a better outlook for payday advance online and stronger first quarter earnings. I received three upward rate adjustments on Friday, and expect at least one today based on the market’s performance thus far. Key releases of economic data will begin Wednesday, so watch for those numbers, particularly the new jobs data, to impact the market. It will be interesting to see how the market factors in the Grocery union strike ending and those people going back on the payrolls. As one would expect, Mortgage rates/costs* are climbing right alongside the bond yields, but they remain very low historically and about 3/8% off their all time 50 year lows reached on June 10, 2003. The benchmark 10 year Treasury** yield is about 3.90%% as of this postin

Possible reasons for rate increases and decreases

Possible reasons for rate increases: · A recovering equities market that will take cash from bonds and plant it in stocks. · Real corporate earnings growth based on revenue increases as opposed to cost cutting. · Increased government deficit spending that will cause the government to issue more debt such as financing the war effort or reduced tax revenues. (Wouldn’t it be nice to have an open-ended credit card you can pay whenever you want and also get online payday loan with instant approval?) ·Improved economic data ·Shifting to junk bonds as the economy improves ·Better yields on the euro dollar based on weakness in US dollar and yields ·Corporate debt issuance taking money away from Treasuries (short term effect) ·Peace in the Middle East (don't hold your breath) ·Any signs of inflation ·Increase in the risk spread added to the treasury yield to determine loan rates ·The Bin Laden family turns on the Bush family, develops a conscience, form

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